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Plantworks Landscaping 6Urban landscaping is very different from traditional open-air, suburban design. In the city, in apartments, and in office buildings, plants face a variety of conditions seldom found in their natural environments. These include urban pollution, limited lighting, dry atmosphere and the challenge of container gardening.

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Instead of working with acres of land to create an aesthetic statement, sometimes you are working with only a few square feet. Urban landscaping takes on elements of a Zen Garden as we try to do more with less space. We know how to create small pockets of green peace within a hectic New York City environment.

We have landscape architects and designers on our staff. They know how to work with you or the contractor of your choice to develop the landscape that:

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At Plantworks, Inc., we have more than 26 years of experience in working with the special requirements of the urban environment and exotic plants.

We have the expertise to work with you or your company every step of the way from site analysis and design, to the installation of the infrastructure, to placement and planting.

We also provide complete landscape and garden support services, including plant and system maintenance, plant replacement, and seasonal rotations.


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